Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thornton was once left red-faced when he was stopped by airport security over a bottle of vitamins.
The Monster's Ball star admits he was angry staff failed to recognise him.
He tells British newspaper the Metro, "I've been at the airport when they've seen something they thought looked fishy. It was vitamins.
"I'd been through the security joint already and then I had to go through another one. And while the guy is checking me, I'm signing an autograph for him so, more than likely, I'm not a terrorist.
"Meanwhile, there's a guy walking through with a beard down to his chest and a towel on his head who they don't check.
"It's OK to wear a towel if you want to - I don't care. I like everybody in the world. But in terms of a national threat, it's more likely to be him than a f**king movie star."