Actor Billy Bob Thornton's new Christmas movie has infuriated Disney bosses - because it portrays SANTA CLAUS as a sex-crazed, foul-mouthed alcoholic.

Bosses at the studio - famous for making kids movies - were "totally horrified" after a screening of Bad Santa, insisting the film's content would have appalled the firm's founder, Walt Disney.

Dumbstruck executives were stunned by images of FATHER CHRISTMAS having sex while children queue outside his grotto, and appalled by further scenes featuring the mythical icon making youngsters cry and informing them he doesn't really exist.

The movie - produced by Disney offshoot MIRAMAX FILMS - also includes a shoot-out, a murder and a police car chase.

A source close to Disney chief executive Michael Eisner rants, "Nothing appears scared anymore. This is not in the spirit of Walt Disney."

Another studio insider adds, "This movie borders on being sick."

Bad Santa - directed by TERRY ZWIGOFF - hits American cinemas on Friday (21NOV03).

18/11/2003 02:21