Billy Bob Thornton has denied reports he dismissed Angelina Jolie's relationship with Brad Pitt as a "high school phase".
The actor was quoted in an interview with, saying, "She is just going through a high school phase. You know, dating the quarterback of the football team with Brad Pitt over there. She'll be waking up from that dream in no time."
But Thornton, who was married to the actress for three years, insists the quotes were completely fabricated.
And the interview has since been removed from
In May (08) Thornton congratulated Jolie and Pitt after learning of his ex's pregnancy. He said, "I think she was always meant to be a mother in so many ways. I'm just so happy for her. I'm happy for the kids to have a mother like her and a father like him."
And in a recent interview Jolie echoed his well wishes, insisting she was "proud to be his (Thornton's) wife" and "still loves him dearly".