Movie star Billy Bob Thornton often chases snooping reporters off his property with weapons, because he's sick of them going through his garbage.

The BAD SANTA star admits he often has to challenge people in the alley near his home late at night - when he hears them going through his rubbish for story ideas.

He says, "I came after a guy with a butcher knife one night... He wouldn't go away. I understand the laws - you can't like kill him, but I scared the s**t out of him."

And Thornton's pal, director Peter Berg, can vouch for the actor's story - they were hanging out recently when the movie star challenged a man who was checking out his trash.

Berg, who directed Thornton in sports movie Friday Night Lights, says, "All of a sudden he says, 'Wait a minute.' He opens the door and he runs out into the alley and sure enough there's a van... and a guy with gloves going through his garbage."

Thornton admits he likes to play with the reporters and snappers who follow him - by taking them on wild drives.

He adds, "One guy drives a TransAm and he follows me all around... I used to race cars. I took one guy to Woodland Hills (20 miles/32.18 kilometres outside Los Angeles) one day. My girlfriend was so p**sed at me."

19/01/2005 02:58