Billy Bob Thornton's tardiness cost him dear on the set of new film SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS - because punctual co-star Michael Clarke Duncan bet him he couldn't arrive on time. The Green Mile star felt he could teach his pal a lesson and make a little extra on the side, and he insists he plans to make sure Thornton honours the bet. Clarke Duncan says, "Billy Bob owes me something like $10,000. We had a bet that every time he was late to set he had to give me $1,000 - and he was late a number of times. I'm gonna get it one way or the other." The heavyweight star insists Thornton's off-set hellraising was the reason for his tardiness, adding that his pal would be in big trouble if it wasn't for his baby daughter BELLA. Clarke Duncan explains, "He's a caring father and he loves his daughter to death and she is so beautiful. That's the only reason he's alive right now. "He's gonna owe me that money because I want his daughter to grow up with a father."