Billy Bob Thornton has discovered he has another phobia - for ballroom dancers.

The quirky movie star, who admits to fears of flying, antique furniture and even former British Prime Minister BENJAMIN DISRAELI's hair, hates watching dancers.

And, as ballroom dancing shows take over US TV, Thornton reveals, "Just watching people dance is creepy." The actor claims his new phobia comes from one terrible experience in his youth - when one girlfriend dragged him onto the dancefloor at a school dance.

He adds, "She got me by the hand and literally pulled me out on the dance floor... I literally stood there while she danced around me.

"I almost had a heart attack at 13 from just the pressure of that whole thing. Would you want to dance again after that? I'm not sure I could ever bring myself to do it."

23/07/2005 01:39