Billy Bob Thornton is trying to cut out carbohydrates from his diet - but he can't resist downhome waffles.

The SLING BLADE star - who was once reported to be on an orange food only diet - admits he's really struggling with his latest fad. He says, "I eat such a healthy diet these days it's ridiculous - only protein, no pasta, no bread, no wheat.

"But I'll eat waffles if I'm in the South - those babies are good, all smothered and covered. It may be bad for you, but boy, it's good." Fans might wonder why Thornton feels he needs to watch his weight - he's rakishly thin and weighs in at 140 pounds.

But he explains, "I understand why someone like Mick Jagger is obsessed with being thin. I do 700 crunches a day, and aerobics. I like the pain in the muscles of my stomach.

"Guys like Jagger get it - we're all half-man, half-woman. Not every man is in touch with that."

04/05/2003 20:52