Cheeky MONSTER'S BALL star Billy Bob Thornton wants to pull stage actors' pants down - because he hates the theatre.

The eccentric American admits he's not a fan of stage acting theatre - because he's bothered by all the noise in his head.

He says, "They talk too loud. I have a hard time sitting in my seat in a quiet, dark place. It's almost as if I have Tourette's Syndrome - I want to run up onstage and pull the actor's pants down or something.

"Another thing that bothers me about it: why do they do it? In the old days they did live theatre because that's all they could do. I like original plays and I sit through them.

"I love musicals. But I don't want to go see CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and I don't want to do SHAKESPEARE, for Christ's sake, a bunch of people taking in that f***ing language! We don't understand half the s*** they're saying and we pretend we do.

"The reason they used to do Shakespeare in the town square was because they didn't have any electricity. Now? Get a f***ing guitar out and let's have a rock 'n' roll show."