Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thornton was so committed making his new movie Bad Santa as authentic as possible, he offered to urinate on himself on camera.

The 48-year-old MONSTER'S BALL star plays a sex-crazed, foul-mouthed SANTA CLAUS in the movie, and Thornton hoped some of the scenes would have a realistic touch added to them when his character was required to wet himself a couple of times.

He explains, "I went to the director and I said, 'Listen, let's be authentic about this. I'll be happy to drink a couple beers before we start and I'll just pee myself.' And he said, 'Well, okay, fine by me.'

"I got up there but the special effects people said that, for some reason, actual pee won't show up on your clothes as good as this glycerine stuff that they have, so they wouldn't let me do it... but next time!"

08/12/2003 02:30