Billy Bob Thornton is glad he has tackled a wide range of characters throughout his career, because it has left him with a very diverse fanbase.

Thornton's movies include gritty drama MONSTER'S BALL, blockbuster ARMAGEDDON and comedy BAD SANTA - a combination, he claims, appeals to all movie fans.

He says, "I have guys who never particularly liked my movies until Bad Santa and now I'm like God to them.

"And since Monsters Ball I'm every black guy in America's hero, you know what I mean? I can't go through the airport without, without at least one security guy saying 'Billy Bob. Hey man. Halle, Halle Berry, man' and I'm like 'That's right!' It's like I got a whole new fan base and with Bad Santa. Every a**hole in the world loves me, right?"

05/10/2004 17:35