Movie star Billy Bob Thornton left his fifth wife Angelina Jolie because he wasn't good enough for her.

The couple split two years ago (02) and have only just reconciled after months of bitterness.

They have both refused to go into details about the break-up of their short marriage, but Thornton insists reports of his infidelity weren't accurate - he just started getting "scared" by his ex's attributes.

He explains, "I walked away. I left that relationship in fear. I was afraid of her. She was too beautiful for me; she was too smart for me, and had too much integrity for me. I felt so small next to her. I'm a scared person."

After five attempts at married life, Thornton insists he came closest to being totally happy with Jolie - and would still attack anyone who said anything bad about her.

He adds, "Angie was the only person that I ever had a chance with. Nothing was her fault. It was all my fault and that's the truth.

"Anytime I see something about her that's not positive. I'm like a tiger about it. I want to go attack the people that attack her."

05/04/2004 09:13