Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thornton has rubbished reports he only eats orange food, insisting he enjoys culinary delights of all colours.

While the MONSTER'S BALL star proudly admits phobias of European-style antique furniture and eating with silver cutlery, he insists he has no problems with colourful foods.

He says, "Most of the things that are reported about me - this whole thing about how I eat orange food - who really gives a s***? First of all, it's not true.

"The person you're doing an interview with notices all you have on your plate is oranges and carrots. The next thing you know, you eat orange food. But it doesn't sell papers and things if you're just a guy who stays at home and watches television. But, you know, that's not true. I don't drink blood."

21/04/2004 02:29