Billy Bob Thornton was fast asleep when he was told of his Golden Globe because he had stayed up too late the night before - partying with ALICE COOPER.

The actor was performing with rocker Cooper on stage in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday night (17DEC03), and the partying went on far too long.

Thornton says, "We had a little fun after the concert, and the more fun we had, the later it got. I had only been asleep for maybe an hour or two when the phone rang."

The movie star/director - who received his nomination on Thursday (18DEC03) - is convinced his new movie Bad Santa has been such a hit thanks to an added boxing scene.

He explains, "We shot an extra two or three scenes, and a couple of them worked out great in the movie.

"One that was added was the boxing scene where I teach a boy to box, and we punch each other in the nuts. It gave it more commercial feel, because, you know, commercial movies have a lot of nut-punching."

21/12/2003 10:15