Billy Bob Thornton is refusing to release his All the Pretty Horses movie until studio bosses show his director's cut on the big screen.

The OSCAR winner was upset when his version of the 2000 film, which starred Penelope Cruz and Matt Damon, was severely edited, and Daniel Lanois' score was cut completely.

And now he's standing by his pal Lanois, who refuses to release his composition for a DVD release.

He says, "They (Miramax) said that I could do my own cut and put it out on DVD. I wouldn't do it. People deserve to see that movie in the theatre, the way it was made.

"My version is 75 per cent better. The movie wasn't about a teen romance. The movie was about the end of the West, and that's the movie I made.

"The last scene of the movie, they made me cut it out - maybe the most important thing in the movie... These days they want to cut everything like a rock video."

But Thornton does have Matt Damon's praise to fall back on - the actor is convinced the movie is one of the finest he'll make.

Thornton adds, "I guess I have enough satisfaction when Matt Damon calls me up and says, 'You know what? Thanks for the best experience I ever had making a movie. That movie we cut, originally, was the best thing I've ever been in.'"

09/12/2003 21:09