Billy Bob Thornton's estranged daughter Amanda Brumfield was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Thursday (6th October 2011) for the aggravated manslaughter of her goddaughter. Brumfield was first convicted of the 2008 death in May, reports the Orlando Sentinel.
She had initially faced a murder charge after 1-year-old Olivia Madison Garcia died during an overnight stay at her home. Amanda maintained the girl had attempted to climb out of playpen but fell and hit her head. The defence suggested the fall may have aggravated a previous injury, but the prosecution argued it was impossible to fall such a short distance and cause a 3 inch fracture on the skull - bleeding and swelling was also found in the girl's brain. Heather Murphy, the child's mother and Brumfield's former best friend, spoke in court of losing her child, saying, "I can't believe you're gone.All I want to do is take you trick-or-treating, and to dress you up as Tinkerbell.Mommy is so incomplete without you". Emotions ran high as Brumfield broke down before the sentence was passed down, managing to tell the court, "I miss Olivia just as much as anybody does". Later, outside the courthouse, Murphy acknowledged the sentence was 'more than she expected', but added "I feel justice has been served".
Billy Bob Thornton has four children in total, to three women. Amanda was the product of his first marriage in the late 1970's, to a woman from his home state of Arkansas.