Billy Bob Thornton is still puzzled as to why he didn't land GEORGE CLOONEY's role in O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? because he thought he was a natural for the role.

The movie star still thinks THE Coen Brothers miscast Clooney in the role of ULYSSES EVERETT McGILL in the hit 2000 film - and he and the hunk should have swapped roles in two of the siblings' movies.

He says, "Clooney could have done THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE and seemed more of a 40s guy in a suit and I could have done O Brother. Don't get me wrong, Clooney is very entertaining in O Brother, but I'm from The South - and I sing."

Thornton also admits to being sour about losing out to Jim Carrey in THE MAJESTIC: "I really wanted to do that one. The script was brilliant."

08/12/2003 21:16