Acclaimed actor Billy Bob Thornton prefers making music to movies - because songs are more meaningful.

Angelina Jolie's ex-husband recently released his second self-penned album of country and bluegrass style tunes, and believes songs "come more naturally" than his acting efforts.

He says, "They're straight from the heart. In a song, every word counts because you only have a very short time to tell the story.

"Every line has to have a meaning. You can't just sing 'pass me the salt'."

But Thornton, who recently performed cameo roles in Love Actually and Intolerable Cruelty, has no intention of giving up his film career.

He adds, "Sometimes I like to do such short parts when I don't have much time. I love acting, and developing a character in a good film is great.

"But I don't want to do too much because it does absorb you a lot."

05/12/2003 17:20