Billy Bob Thornton fears he'll never be able to enjoy a meal out with his ex-wife ANGELINA JOLIE - because the press would make too much of the reunion.

The actor admits he and his ex are good friends again after splitting acrimoniously in 2002, but the constant presence of paparazzi in their lives means they can never meet up for lunch and a chat.

He says, "When we talk to each other sometimes on the phone and plan on hooking up some place, it's like, 'Well, your place or my place?'

"There's never a 'I'll meet you at Wolfgang Puck's or The Ivy' because all of a sudden we're married again. It's crazy s**t.

"My whole thing is I was in a very high-profile marriage with a famous actress and she was known as being some whip-bearing, leather-wearing girl and supposedly I live in a dungeon and have all these phobias and s**t.

"I'm a pretty friendly guy with people. It's not like I'm some brooding guy who like breaks up hotel rooms and stuff, but, you know what, drink one f**king quart of blood one day and see what happens to you."

19/01/2005 09:18