Movie star Billy Bob Thornton is to add designer to his impressive resume after creating a new line of western-style shirts.

The OSCAR winning actor, director, writer and rock star has developed a Billy Bob Thornton range for shirtmakers KAD ZOOTS.

He explains, "They're cowboy shirts or bowling shirts in 60s patterns like paisley - they're very rock 'n' roll."

The line is inspired by the actor's own fashion tastes, which he admits isn't always popular.

He adds, "I swear to God, there's a magazine I won't name where I was on the worst-dressed list, and about two issues later, in the Sexiest Men issue.

"OK, so some journalist thinks I dress like s**t because I don't wear a goddamn designer suit. If you wear that s**t these magazines want you to wear, you're a loser."

Thornton's new shirts have been snapped up by rocker Tom Petty, who now wears the line onstage.

05/05/2003 08:57