Eccentric actor Billy Bob Thornton is having so much frantic sex since becoming single, he's constantly covered in scratches.

The MONSTER'S BALL star, whose marriage to fifth wife Angelina Jolie broke down last year (02), has since been dating "like a mad man" since resuming life as a bachelor - and he's loving it.

He says, "I'm sort of acting like a teenager right now. I see a few people off and on."

He adds of his bedroom companions, "There's this one who's like a tiger. She's like an animal!

"I was with my trainer the other day. He's trying to beef me up for this next movie I'm doing. We're in there and I had a sleeveless T-shirt on. I was like, 'What in the world's wrong with me?' He was looking at me saying, 'What have you got, some sort of rash there?' And I realised that I'd got like these claw marks all over me!"

The actor also "thinks" he was bitten a few times by his insatiable conquest.

07/12/2003 21:07