Hollywood star Billy Bob Thornton celebrated his divorce from screen beauty Angelina Jolie by burning the vials of blood they exchanged when they married.

The intense couple swapped containers of each others' blood to wear around their necks when they married in May 2000, as a symbol of their love - but after they split last year (02), amid reports of Thornton's infidelity, Jolie reportedly asked for the vials back.

But Billy Bob, whose divorce from the actress was confirmed last week (27MAY03), refused - choosing instead to burn them in a small box he called "the marital coffin".

A source tells British tabloid the DAILY RECORD, "He felt he'd given blood to make the marriage work. It didn't - so the vials had to go.

"But Billy being Billy, he had to do it his way."

03/06/2003 13:38