Billy Bob Thornton has attacked critics who are threatening to ruin his new blockbuster The Alamo by writing stories suggesting the movie needed severe re-editing.

The movie star, who plays DAVY CROCKETT in the film about Texas volunteers' battle with the Mexican army, is so passionate about the project he has a 'Remember The Alamo' tattoo on his back.

But he fears critics' gossip about why the film failed to get a Christmas (03) release, as planned, will drive moviegoers away.

He fumes, "The people that start that c**p are the people I fight with every day. Name one movie where the filmmaker is not asked to cut it and I'll kiss your butt. It's standard practice.

"We're making a movie about people we consider heroes and we did it because we care about it, and if somebody wants to put that down then I think they're a**holes. We tried. We gave it everything we had."

But the film has come under fire from Alamo historians, who claim editing of the project has left big question marks about the authenticity and the clarity of the movie.

Historian BRUCE WINDERS says, "It's more historically accurate than any other Alamo film but I had some folks say they were having some trouble understanding the first part of it.

"When they cut the movie down from three hours, a lot of that explanation got condensed."

05/04/2004 09:13