Actor Billy Bob Thornton has developed another intense dislike - he's "creeped out" by people on Hollywood's party circuit.

The ex-husband of Angelina Jolie opted to stay at home with his sons on New Year's Eve (31DEC03), because he couldn't bear the thought of partying alongside the people he so despises.

Thornton, who has a fear of antiques and dislike for orange food, says, "I like to stay home on New Year's Eve. I don't like drunks. It's not that I don't like drunks, I mean they're fine.

"But it's that when I go out on a normal night I see all these people kinda hitting on each other and wearing black shirts that are buttoned all the way up to the top - which I never understood. I just see these people like sort of interacting with each other and it kind of creeps me out.

"New Year's Eve is kinda like their night. It's not really different than any other night in LA it's just there are more of them.

"I just stayed home with the kids."

12/01/2004 21:31