DOCTOR WHO star Billie Piper experimented with drugs during her days as a teenage pop star and even considered suicide. The English actress, 23, leaped to fame in 1998 at the tender age of 14 with her debut hit BECAUSE WE WANT TO. Piper tells British magazine Radio Times she turned to drugs to escape her misery at being exploited by record company executives. She says, "I had a very dark moment when I was 16 when I didn't want to be here any more, but I did nothing about it, thank God. "Managers and others work you to death and you become exhausted and bitter. I was young, green and taken advantage of. There was a massive financial rip-off, although I was working twice as hard as I am now, I was left with hardly any money. "I tried all those things (drugs), but it never became a problem. I had my head in the clouds, was mad, neurotic, and self-destructive, very different character to the one you see today." Piper credits her estranged husband, radio + TV personality Chris Evans, with saving her from her miserable path. The pair married in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Piper was just 18. She enthuses, "Chris and I found each other when it could have gone badly for both of us, and we saved each other from our worlds of madness."