Billie Piper admitted that her child Winston was conceived while she was jet-lagged.

The 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' actress, who married her husband Laurence Fox on December 31 2007, claimed the pair got pregnant soon after their wedding day.

Billie said: "We were in our house in the country and we'd just got back from our honeymoon. It was literally jet-lag sex.

"It's such a hot thing, it's so gorgeous. 'We fell in love, I want you to impregnate me' I don't know what's not hot about that."

She added that baby Winston, who was born on October 21 2008, was planned.

She said: "You do make an active decision that you're not going to use condoms or whatever.

"Then there's that, 'I am so in love, I just want to have your baby'."

Discussing her relationship with Laurence, who stars in UK TV detective show 'Lewis', Billie told Marie Claire magazine: "When we have fights, it's often about the fact that we see things very differently because of the way we've been brought up."

Billie, 27, has previously claimed that being a mother is a tough job: "I had absolutely no idea how tiring being a mum was - or how hard mums have to work. I have worked some sh***y hours in my life, but these are the toughest I've ever had."