The British star portrayed high-class hooker Belle de Jour in hit TV show Secret Diary of a Call Girl, prostitute Brona Croft in horror series Penny Dreadful, and a stripper in one-off drama Foxtrot.

Piper insists she does not deliberately seek out the racy roles but admits she enjoys playing unconventional parts, although she is now eyeing a 'retirement' from portraying sex workers.

Asked why she keeps landing similar roles, Piper tells The Times Magazine, "It's peculiar, isn't it? Maybe it's because I'm not scared of it, and I'll do it. Maybe they think, 'She loves it! Line 'em up. Who could we get to play this prostitute? Billie Piper!' I think I am going to have to call it a day.

"On Penny Dreadful, my days of whoring have at least come to an end, sadly... I don't know. I think I should stay clear now, although the other thing is, I do find people who don't live in a conventional way interesting...

"I am tiring of sex scenes. It's about time, I have to say. But I'm only tiring of them because you suddenly have to become quite body-conscious. Filming them is so artificial that it's borderline hilarious. I mean, your biggest challenge is not laughing."