Billie Piper's new boyfriend was caught allegedly sniffing cocaine during a boozy night out with the actress last week.

The 33-year-old beauty's beau Johnny Lloyd - a former member of Tribes - was spotted snorting the illegal drug outside Camden's Joe's Pub in north London last Monday (04.07.16).

An onlooker told The Sun newspaper: ''When she, Johnny and a third pal headed for a nearby van, it wasn't at first obvious why.

''After that, they just stood there smoking and staring into space. Johnny looked like he wasn't all there and Billie was completely dead-eyed.

''When Johnny stuck his nose in a wrapper before dabbing his nostrils, it seemed clear what was going on. If it was innocent, it's didn't look it.''

The pair and their pals continued to drink on the street after they left the London boozer at around 2am and she even jumped on top of a bike rack before landing under them.

The source said: ''She was boozing with Johnny, two other guys and another couple, and they all looked pretty wasted.

''Billie was all over the place. She and Johnny were kissing and holding each other all night.

''At one point she held his face affectionately as he stared into her eyes before she pulled him towards her by his T-shirt so they could kiss.

''They left when the pub closed at 2am, and Billie, who looked a bit of a mess, was drinking from a beer bottle as she walked down the street. The whole group were acting like drunken kids. At one point Billie climbed on top of a Santander bike rack and disappeared under them.''

Billie's recent wild night out has sparked concern for her well-being as it comes just two months after she divorced Laurence Fox, with whom she has two children, Winston, seven and Eugene, four.

A source added: ''Things have obviously moved fast for Johnny and Billie, and they seem smitten with each other.

''But these pictures will spark serious concerns for her pals and family.

''A divorce, even a quickie divorce, can be an incredibly traumatic thing to go through and it's fair to say Billie is quite vulnerable at the moment.

''She needs people to look after her, not people who could send her off the rails. It will certainly worry Laurence, who also has the kids to think about.''