Billie Piper believes she would still be married if her husband wasn't famous.

The 34-year-old actress divorced her first husband Chris Evans in 2007, three years after they separated, and ended her second marriage to Laurence Fox in 2016, eight years after they tied the knot, but Billie thinks if she had wed her first love - a Swindon scaffolder - they would not have divorced.

She told Stylist magazine: ''My first love. Yeah, I often think about what would've happened if we were still together and I think we would probably have had a 30-year relationship.''

Billie - who has two sons with Laurence - also revealed she sees herself being ''looser'' at 90 and living her life without any apologies.

She explained: ''Mine is on a beach in Mexico, in a kaftan, with rum and roll-ups. Getting old, but not feeling the cold from England, feeling like now it's my time. I love my kids, I raised you all, I've poured everything into you and now I just want to go and waft around. Just being looser than I was in my 20s and in my teens without any apologies because I'm approaching my death.''

She added: ''It feels like you have to be fully established by your 30s. But now the world's not interested, because you're not 20 anymore.''

Billie also admitted that she thinks feminism can be ''a bit man-hating and sort of oversexualised''.

She said: ''I just think some of this new-age female emancipation can often land us in that place in our 30s where we feel, 'I'm supposed to have this, this and this... I'm supposed to be successful and business-savvy and coquettish and making cash and a slag in the bedroom and well-read and I'm supposed to be on top of all of these things, because it's my time. People have made it my time. Women have made it my time'.

''I just feel f**ked by this amount of pressure! It feels like it is unnatural to be able to do all of those things. I think it's shaky in its brand, do you know what I mean? When I'm around women of my [24-year-old] sister's generation, I think there's this really misguided view of what [feminism] actually is. It's a bit man-hating and sort of oversexualised. I think young girls misread what feminism is.''