Billie Piper and her husband Laurence Fox have announced the news that Piper has given birth to their second child, OK reveals. The acting couple have welcomed their second child together into the world, with Fox announcing the good news through his Twitter page. He took to Twitter moments after the birth to announce the birth and that both mother and son were doing well following the procedure, writing: "One born every minute. We had our minute today. Couldn't be happier. Beautiful boy. Everything fine."

The couple have yet to decide on a name for the newborn, although Fox had joked with his friends that the couple will go for the fishy sounding "Steve Fish Fox" through Twitter. No official name has been announced so far.

The couple here blessed with their first child in 2008, when Piper gave birth to baby Winston, who is now three. Shortly after the birth in 2008, the singer/actress announced her desire to have more children as soon as possible and that day has come at last for the star, now 29. Here hoping the family are well and happy following the birth.