GREEN DAY star Billie Joe Armstrong, Kanye West, Slash, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake have penned personal tributes to their heroes and heroines in rock magazine ROLLING STONE's new IMMORTALS special issue.

Following on from last summer's (04) Immortals launch, which named the top 50 rock and pop acts from THE Beatles to The Band, the rock mag has named it's next 50.

And editors asked their famous fans to pitch in with written tributes to the new list of Immortals.

West pays tribute to Dr Dre (number 54), Slash honours Aerosmith (57) and Armstrong pays homage to Sex Pistols (58).

Meanwhile, Janet Jackson calls Tina Turner (61) an "enduring symbol of survival and of grace," adding, "In every sense, the woman has legs."

And Timberlake pays tribute to Al Green (65), claiming, "He's got some serious babymaking music."

Among the other tributes are heartfelt homages from Roger Waters (CREAM - 66), Rod Stewart (THE TEMPTATIONS - 68), Dave Matthews (RADIOHEAD - 73), ELTON JOHN (EMINEM - 82) and 50 CENT (TUPAC SHAKUR - 86).

12/04/2005 09:34