Billie Faiers has admitted becoming a mother has changed her style.

The 'TOWIE' star - who along with her fiancé Greg Shepherd welcomed daughter Nelly into the world last month - confessed giving birth has altered her glamorous fashion sense.

Despite being just 24-years-old, Billie admitted she now steers clear of certain styles and prefers to dress down in leggings and trainers, unlike fellow celebrity mums Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

She told Now magazine: ''I look at something and think, 'I'm a mum - can I wear that?'

''I'm still only 24 and of course I'm going to wear things a 24-year-old would wear. In the daytime you definitely want to be more practical. As much as I want to live a glamorous life like Kim or Beyonce. I'm sure they have days when they just want to put on leggings and trainers.

''When I go out, I still like to make an effort and feel sexy, but there are certain things now I wouldn't wear.''

Although Billie admires the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star's ''glamorous'' attire, she revealed she hasn't been a fan of some of her fashion choices since she gave birth to her daughter, North, with her hubby Kanye West, last year.

She said: ''I love Kim, I love her style, but some of those things she wears...''