Former ROLLING STONE Bill Wyman has found a new hobby to occupy his time away from the stage - searching for buried treasure with a metal detector.

The Brown Sugar bassist, who left the Stones in 1993, loves the thrill of seeking out forgotten artifacts so much, he no longer cares about rock 'n' roll.

And Wyman's fascination with locating mysterious objects has even led to the publication of his book TREASURE ISLANDS, co-written with RICHARD HAVERS.

The tome is a historical catalogue of thousands of items that have been found buried, some dating back to the eighteenth century.

The 68-year-old, who has himself found over 300 coins, says, "Metal detecting is more interesting to me than the new Rolling Stones record.

"I found a great hobby which got me a bit of fresh air and exercise in my spare time.

"I have spent literally thousands of hours searching the fields close to my house and I have been rewarded with hundred of interesting finds."

09/03/2005 21:20