Rocker Bill Wyman fears he'll never get the chance to photograph his former Rolling Stones bandmates again - because Mick Jagger and Keith Richards would never acknowledge he's a good enough snapper. The former Stones bassist has an impressive archive of his ex-bandmates, taken during magical moments on the road and in the studio. Wyman will be showing off some of the prints at a new Morrison Hotel Gallery exhibition in Los Angeles, which begins today (24MAR07). But he insists the idea of getting another chance to snap the Stones is far-fetched. He explains, "The Stones have never been interested in any members doing anything that isn't Stones involved. They're not interested in anybody in the band doing something that's not part of what the band do. "It's a weird political thing and it's something that no one talks about. They don't support each other like The Who did or the Beatles did or U2 did, or Led Zeppelin. "They'd never acknowledge that they like the photos, unfortunately."