Rocker Bill Wyman has called his romance with teenager MANDY SMITH part of an "emotional mid-life crisis" he couldn't avoid. The former Rolling Stones star wed Smith in 1989 when she was 18 and he was 52, but the odd couple had already become headline material in the UK after the model/pop singer revealed she'd been dating Wyman since she was 13. The marriage lasted two years and Wyman and Smith were divorced in 1991. The famously private Wyman hated becoming a press target during the marriage, but fears that if he lived his life over again, he'd still fall for Smith - and marry her. He says, "That was something from the heart, I couldn't change things. That was something that was an emotional thing that I don't think I could have avoided another time. "It was a mistake and it was probably my midlife crisis but I'm joyously happy now with my wife (SUZANNE ACCOSTA) and my family. Things have never been happier. "We've all got skeletons in our closet, the trouble is if you're in the public eye your skeleton gets shown. If I lived in Halifax and I drove a taxi you would have never have heard about it."