Former ROLLING STONE Bill Wyman has slammed his former bandmates MICK JAGGER and Keith Richards as "boring" accusing them of having "run out of ideas".

The 67-year-old bassist, who left the band in the early 90s, is glad he quit the legendary rockers as he was fed-up with his creativity being sidelined, while Jagger and Richards monopolised writing all the songs.

Wyman says, "The best thing is that I'm no longer confined to writing heavy rock songs like Mick and Keith, who seem to have run out of ideas. They haven't had a hit for 30 years.

"There was never any access to writing, Mick and Keith didn't really want anybody else involved.

"I loved what we were doing, but my creative side wasn't being given a chance and sticking to the same safe format became boring for me."

27/07/2004 17:31