Giuliana and Bill Rancic are ready to have another baby.

The 'E! News' anchor - who underwent a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and is currently unable to carry her own child due to medication - and her entrepreneur husband Bill welcomed their first child Edward Duke via surrogate in August but they already have everything in place to have another child soon.

Bill told In Touch magazine: ''Well, we're not getting any younger. And everyone we've talked to tells us to keep them close in age so they can really connect and have that bond.

''Everything is in place so we can do that.''

Giuliana, who is co-hosting a new reality series 'Ready For Love' with Bill, also revealed that their son is starting to show off his personality.

She said: ''He's happy and loving life, but he's got a fiery little Italian temper! If you take a toy away, his arms get stiff, he grunts, and his face gets red. Bill's like, 'Oh God, he's definitely Italian!''

The Italian-born beauty previously opened up about how she and her husband have tried ''to make each other's lives easier'' since their son's arrival.

She said: ''Bill doesn't even drink coffee, but every day he insists on making my coffee. And you know why? Because his dad made his mom coffee every day, and he thought that was so romantic.''