The actor was working late one night on the movie and ate the clam chowder that was on set.

"I overdosed on PCP... inadvertently," he told U.S. chat show The Talk on Thursday (02Feb17). "Somebody, we never really found out who, spiked the chowder when we went to dinner...

"I didn't even eat off the truck, but that night I did because I was hanging out with (director James) Cameron and I had a couple bowls of the chowder and went back to my trailer.

"Two minutes later the (assistant director) knocks on my door and I see ambulances pulling up and they said, 'You didn't eat the chowder did you?' I said, 'I had two bowls'. Next thing I know it's one in the morning, we're at the Dartmouth Hospital... People are congo dancing, people are crying. It was the most bizarre thing."

One the drama was over and everyone was OK the cast and crew saw the funny side of the incident: "Somebody made a T-shirt and it was the Titanic sinking in a bowl of chowder," Bill recalled.