LATEST: American newsman Bill O'Reilly has accepted George Clooney's offer to join the presenters at this weekend's (15JAN05) tsunami relief telethon after a fiery war of words between the pair.

O'Reilly upset Clooney last week (16JAN05) when he questioned the organisation of the televised charity event, prompting the movie star to fire off a nasty letter to the Fox anchorman.

And when O'Reilly poked fun at Clooney's letter on his O'REILLY FACTOR show on Monday (10JAN04), the OCEAN'S TWELVE star fired back with an ultimatum.

He wrote, "Former Presidents Bush and CLINTON believe this is an important enough event to participate in. We're not playing games here, we're trying to save lives.

"It's as simple as this; you're either with this joint effort or against it. We need an answer immediately."

O'Reilly's aides have confirmed the news man will join the TSUNAMI AID: A CONCERT OF HOPE effort on Saturday night.

O'Reilly and Clooney are used to battling over televised benefits - the newsman criticised the actor for his involvement in a post-9/11 telethon, claiming the organisation was so bad that the needy didn't get the cash they were promised.

12/01/2005 02:40