Actor Bill Murray loved filming Lost In Translation in Japan - because it gave him opportunity to get drunk on good sake.

The GROUNDHOG DAY star spent 27 days in Tokyo filming the Sofia Coppola movie and indulged the local cuisine and alcohol - sometimes to extremes.

Bill says, "When you drink the high-end sake, the more expensive stuff, it sneaks up on you.

"Usually in America, they don't have great sake, but it Japan they like to crack open a big keg and I got to be the server to the whole crew. I fed them this barrel of sake.

"But when we got back to the hotel and I was walking to the elevator, the sake took hold. It works it way down the spinal cord and gets you much later in the evening. I had these two tiny people carrying me down the hall of this hotel. And just as well, as I would've laid face down on the carpet."

13/01/2004 21:43