Bill Murray has slammed Academy Award voters for failing to acknowledge comedy as acting and overlooking funny films for Oscars.

The LOST IN TRANSLATION star is sick of tragic films winning awards, insisting making comedy movies funny is the toughest task of all.

Murray says, "People who don't think comedians are actors are damaged, you know? Really damaged.

"If you're a true comedian you can act because you have to have the ability to say a straight line to do comedy. I always joke, 'Give me an affliction and I'll give you an Oscar. Give me a fatal disease and I'll give you a prize. Give me a wig or a mask or a disfiguration and I'll make it work for you.'

"The Academy are giving an award because they feel an emotion, not because they value the acting. It's like, 'Thanks for making me feel something. Here's a prize.'"