Bill Murray plays DJ on the sets of all his movies in an effort to keep the energy of cast and crew on a high at all times during the shoot.
The actor admits he selects playlists and arranges the music to be blasted out on the set in between takes.
He explains, "I believe that you bring music to the set not to go, 'You all got to listen to my crap music, and I don't care what you think.' It's not torture... It's basically to keep tempo and rhythm going because people get moody and slow and down. You've got to keep the energy going and keep all this attention around the camera because that's where the money is.
"You have to be judicious about where you aim the boombox. You can't aim it at the person that can't handle it.
"The cameramen love the music. It keeps everyone moving and the energy up. It keeps it positive and joyous. We played some rap and a lot of bluegrass music on my latest film (Get Low).
"We also came upon this band, Steel Drivers, who were extras in the movie, and once we heard their music we just played their music all the time."