Bill Murray loves it when people incorrectly call him on the phone because he likes chatting to complete strangers.

While most people find misdials annoying, the LOST IN TRANSLATION star admits he loves picking up the phone when someone has called him by mistake.

He explains, "I have a lot of fun with people who dial wrong numbers. I just figure I got a shot with this person who's made this mistake.

"There's just a moment when they're vulnerable and open. They've made a wrong number and how are they going to get out of the situation? Is this gonna be a bad episode for both of us?

"It's kind of fun to create something that would not be expected. I mean wrong numbers could be an adventure."

Murray reveals his love of wrong number callers once helped his love life - as he wound up dating the woman who phoned him by mistake.

He adds, "It was a great date and a great time. This is back when I was a different fella. I don't do that anymore. I still have lots of fun with people on the phone. I use fake voices


27/12/2004 01:37