Actor Bill Murray has dreamed up a bizarre Christmas card for his pals and loved ones - it features picture of him posing with a "rented" wife and children, alongside comedian David Letterman.

The LOST IN TRANSLATION star came up with the idea during an appearance on Letterman's show on Monday night (20DEC04), after realising he didn't have enough time to write his annual letter to friends and family.

Murray recruited a woman, a dog, a boy and girl - all dressed in identical red sweaters - to sit for the picture with Letterman in a "totem pole" pose, while a studio cameraman took the shot.

The actor told to Letterman, "If anybody loves Christmas, it's you, Dave. I was thinking maybe would you mind... if we could just take a picture.. I'll send it out as a Christmas card. You'd be in the picture with me."

The father-of-six explained of the two children he paid for to pose in the snapshot, "I have more kids than this, but the price they wanted for this (girl) alone was ridiculous."

22/12/2004 02:52