Actor Bill Murray's latest film Broken Flowers has inspired him to follow his character's example by tracking down past girlfriends to see if he left the love of his life - but he fights the temptation because he's married.

The 55-year-old plays a man who traces his ex-lovers after discovering he has a son in the movie, which premiered at France's Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (17MAY05).

And he complains the film left him confused and disturbed, because it gave him longings to rekindle his past romances, despite the fact he's been happily married to second wife JENNIFER BUTLER for the past eight years (97).

He explains, ""For six weeks, trying it with four different actresses, I found it to be unsettling and disturbing.

"I have thought about it (looking for old flames) but I usually decide to try in the middle of the night in a hotel.

"I think about people in my past a lot. I think we all have someone in our past who you think maybe I didn't give them, or maybe I didn't give myself much of a chance."

19/05/2005 13:56