The Hollywood legend may have played Christmas cynic Frank Cross in 1988's Scrooged, but in real life Bill embraces the festive season. He's usually based across the bond in the Big Apple, but will be enjoying a British celebration for 2015.

“I’m going to London next week and really looking forward to it," Bill smiled to Britain's Evening Standard newspaper. "I just thought why not spend Christmas this year in London?

“I have got no idea about the difference between Christmas in New York compared with London, but sure look forward to finding out.”

The 65-year-old seems to already be in the Crimbo spirit, but for those who aren't, Bill has a few tricks up his sleeve. The actor has fronted a variety show for Netflix called A Very Murray Christmas, with stars like George Clooney, Michael Cera and Amy Poehler bringing their own blend of holiday cheer to proceedings.

“Even though we made it in March, it felt really unusual and special… everybody in this performed so much better than they had ever done before," he smiled.

"If you’re ever going to have a Christmas show that you’re going to watch with another person and you were going to turn over and kiss them and they were going to kiss you back, this may be that show!”

Sofia Coppola directed the festive feature and Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock and Bridesmaids' Maya Rudolph also star.

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