Bill Murray has said he may appear in a new Ghostbusters film, but only if the script is good enough.

The Lost in Translation star said he hadn't ruled out appearing alongside Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis once more but said he was fed up with being asked about the possibility of a third Ghostbusters film.

"Every single interview has asked me about the Ghostbusters film," he said.

"There are two fellas from The Office that are writing the script, but I have yet to see it. I'm more involved in trying to get the dessert we ordered at lunch today than the Ghostbusters sequel.

"It's a great idea that they have these two guys do it because I think it could be a fresh look at it, and it could be funny. It's all about the script. It's not like I have any obligation to the franchise or anyone," he added.

"If the script was good and I thought we could do it, it could be fun."

Murray's news film City Of Ember is released in the UK today.

10/10/2008 11:19:12