The golf-mad actor, who turned 66 on Wednesday (21Sep16), has partnered with John Resig, the owner of TheChive website to create a new sporting apparel brand.

The full launch of the line, called Willliam Murray Golf, will take place on 20 October (16), but select designs are already available to buy online.

John approached the famously private star with the idea of partnering up to create a golf brand and Bill accepted on the condition the businessman made a donation to his Murray Bros. Caddyshack Foundation.

"This somehow feels right," John told Golf Digest magazine. "He's a film icon but he's also synonymous with golf, and golf needs more fun in it. You can argue that golf needs Bill Murray now more than ever."

But Bill will not be appearing in any commercials promoting William Murray Golf, although the entrepreneur insists the actor may say hello to golfers he sees sporting the gear.

"Bill is not going to be out there doing commercials for us," John added. "But he is going to sneak up to you as the lifebomber he is, pat you on the shoulder and say, 'Nice shirt.'"

As well as being known as a keen golf fan, the veteran actor has been associated with the sport after appearing in the iconic 1980 golfing comedy Caddyshack.

In the movie, which also starred Michael O'Keefe and Chevy Chase, Bill played Carl Spackler, a golf club greenskeeper desperately trying to combat a gopher infestation.

Launching his golf range isn't the only strange career move the star has made recently - last Friday (16Sep16) and Saturday (17Sep16) he worked behind the bar at his son Homer's New York restaurant.