The Groundhog Day star recalled his sorrow earlier this month (Dec15) over the sickening terrorist atrocities in Paris, France in November (15), telling the audience at Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco, "My heart is heavy... It's a strange world right now, a very strange world."

Now he has opened up further about his thoughts on the recent escalation of violence following the rise of extremist group IS, which has claimed responsibility for several high-profile and bloody attacks in Europe.

Bill fears that U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan following the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001 has shattered the country's image as 'heroes', although he insists he is still proud to be an American.

He tells British magazine Radar, "It may or may not be true that the American image in this lifetime is much more different than when I was a child. I think back then we were heroes of world wars and we ended the Nazis, and whatever we did we were pretty wonderful. Then those wars gave way to Vietnam, maybe even Korea, and now the grand confusion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the mess that occurred in those places.

"I don't think Americans are sure what is going on, and the fact that we are looked upon as bullies, rather than do-gooders, is a source of great concern... It's not difficult to be proud to be an American. I do have self-pride, not pride as in sinful, but as in self-respect. Do I respect myself as an American? Yes. Do I respect myself? Yes. Am I proud of everything I do? No. Do I respect my country? Yes. Do I respect the people? Yes. Do I respect everything we do? Nah, probably not."