Bill Murray was very emotional at George Clooney's wedding.

The 'Monuments Men' star admits that his eyes were ''a little moist'' as he watched his co-star exchange vows with British human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice, Italy last weekend.

Asked if he cried at the lavish event, the 64-year-old actor said: ''I got a little... I got moist. I'll get moist on you. I will.

He added: ''Two wonderful people.''

While Bill wasn't quite as excited as the groom, he said: ''It wasn't as momentous, I didn't get married, but it was a wonderful time.''

The 'Lost in Translation' star also claims he didn't get the newlyweds a wedding present.

He told gossip website ''You don't buy them anything. You're asked not to bring anything and you're asked to leave without.... You know, you're asked not to bring anything else.''

Bill has been close friends with George for many years and previously revealed he always stays with the actor when he visits Los Angeles, but the notorious prankster often punishes him for the favour.

Earlier this year, he said: ''He's gotten me with gravel, when you leave his place. You're carrying your stuff, you're hefting all these bags, and you get to the gate and they go, 'Open up your bag.' And there's like 11 pounds of gravel in the bottom of your suitcase, and in all your bags.''

The newlywed Oscar winner and Amal, 36, are currently holidaying at an exclusive eco-friendly resort in the Seychelles.