The Unchained Melody singer's former partner Karen Klaas was strangled during an attempted rape at her home in California in 1976 and her murder remained unsolved for over 40 years. However, on Monday (30Jan17), law enforcement authorities announced DNA evidence proved escaped prisoner Kenneth Troyer had killed Klaas. Troyer was killed in a shoot-out with police in 1982 and Medley is relieved he will not have to sit through a trial.

"I was happy that I didn't have to go through a court situation," he tells People. "I didn't think I was going to feel that way. I thought I would want to look the guy in the eye and deal with him, but now I am just real grateful there won't be any court."

However, now that he knows who was responsible for her death, Medley reveals he is wrestling with different emotions surrounding the tragedy.

"It is really resting on a different nerve that I never have felt before," he says. "I've been on stage in front of presidents and that is just a different nerve. This is so ugly. But it is also so wonderful that they put an end to all of this so we can close the book on this. I go from sad to being p**sed-off reliving all of it."

Medley is turning to music to help him through the tragedy and has written a song, titled Beautiful Lady, about Klaas. He is also planning a return to Las Vegas to perform at the Harrah's casino.

"That actually will be a good distraction," he continues. "The stage has always been a lifesaver for me."